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The Party No One Can Forget

Have you ever wondered what makes a party unforgettable?  Well, I found out this past weekend when I attended a fundraiser for cancer research.  It was a spectacular event with all the local stars, athletes, and prominent business leaders in attendance.
As soon as you walked through the door, you were transported back to Victorian England.  Everything around you spoke of the elegance of that era, from the dainty china, the abundance of roses and greenery, and Victorian style lamps providing the ambiance.  The ladies were decked out in ball gowns while the gentlemen wore tuxedos. 
While the purpose of the event was very noble, to raise money for cancer research, that took a second seat to the ambience of the event itself.  Men and women twirling around the dance floor in a waltz.  A live band providing the music. 
The food was inspired by what we would typically picture as English tea with hors d’oeuvres infusing the idea of finger sandwiches and scones in unique ways.  The signature cocktail was a twist on Long Island Iced Tea.  (Tea is the drink of the English, after all!)
So entrenched did we become in the feeling of actually being in Victorian England that walking outside after the event to the sounds of traffic was quite a shock.  It was as if we had, for a while at least, forgotten that we live in the modern world of 2018.  That is a sign of a truly memorable event!

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