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Dignified Elegance with Unabashed Pleasure

A day to remember.  A party for the ages.  Elevating cocktails from the everyday to the sumptuous, the Grand Rita provides the showcase in which to create your cocktail.  A new advancement in the world of event showpieces created to tantalize your guests with your grand cocktail.


Tequila Tinkle

Margarita Mahem

The Story

Milestones deserve a special celebration, from weddings to holidays to birthdays.  No celebration is complete without a cocktail to enjoy.  The makers of the Grand Rita understand this and felt that the cocktail deserved a central role in any celebration.  This realization inspired this creation, a centerpiece created from the finest materials in which to create one gallon of your favorite cocktail for the enjoyment of your guests.

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The Grand Rita

The Grand Rita is the result of a vision that was unwavering in its determination to create just such a vessel.  With exquisite design, and unparalleled workmanship, The Grand Rita is the latest in cocktail technology, providing a vessel that puts your cocktails on a level demanded by the elite.

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Grand Party

A true event provides an escape to a world of untold glamour, allure, and pleasure.  Guests must be immersed in the moment, leaving all else behind.  Everything they see, feel, hear, smell and taste enhances the experience.  Whether a classic like the martini or a signature drink created for your event, the cocktail has evolved beyond the everyday and deserves a vessel worthy of its image.

Grand Rita cocktail recipes best in the world!

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